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iCloud DNS bypass

iCloud DNS bypass

One of the most popular bypass alternative to proxy method is this DNS method , Almost perfect, with just html base platform we can have many features to run on ower locked devices. with this you can have more activity in your idevice then ever .

Take photos, Make videos, Play games , twitter facebook, internet browser , youtube … many cool stuff for a locked device. the developer always make updates and very active on his system . he got even solution for users whose provider restrict custom DNS requests almost done.You will able to start own iCloud Bypass Dns Server with windows¬†software link


Watch YouTube, listen music, play games, take a pictures and record video to Dropbox using your iCloud Locked Device


go into springbord crach

– how to activate emoji on ios7
1.choose chineese language on hello screen
2.then u will be asked to choose each of 5 items. Choose first and last.
3. than get back to hello screen and choose ur language
4. when editing proxy server, tap on globe button and u will see emojis!


PORT: 8888 this is not a bypass
works on all iphone and ipad
tested on iphone 4s ios 8.1.2



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