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iTools v3.3.7.7 support IOS10

iTools v3.3.7.7 support IOS10

iTools English v3.3.7.7 windows version
This update improves overall stability and performance Support iTunes 12.5.1 ( iOS 10.x )
also including data Migrate tools for older iOS version Support phone data migrating between iOS devices! Iphone iPad and iPod .
Fast Optimization and stable version running with windows 10 OS
Clear customized caches and rubbish, and make data safer! Hunting Rarely used apps, release your device space !

iTools v3.3.7.7 support IOS10

iTools is one best IOS software to get technical information from iCloud lock device . IMEI, UDID lock status , Serial Number .

iTools v3.3.7.7 support IOS10 


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