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R-SIM11 Unlock carrier sim Card For iPhone 7

R-SIM11 For iPhone 7 6S  6 5 4S IOS 10.X , 9.X 8.X 7 Unlock sim Card

R-SIM11 Unlock carrier sim Card for iPhone 7, Brand newly super wise chip R-SIM 11 released, support newest firmware iOS 10.1, this version is similar to the lasted R-SIM unlock cards using the advanced unlocking skills, with the latest software and advanced nano tech. The chip is thin for iPhone 7.

R-SIM11 Unlock carrier sim Card iPhone 7


R-SIM11 Unlock carrier sim Card iPhone 7

This is a Universal sim unlock used to unlock different carrier versions. it still have the jump slide mode for world wide iPhone versions. The locked iphones from China or some iphones from Vietnam are supported to unlock as well. You can use 4G/3G network, but for some carriers you will need to install the R-SIM patch for jailbroken devices only. unlocking Ios10&9.X&8.X&7.X of iP4S&5&6&6, one version  RSIM 11 can unlock all phones models.

R-SIM details and price:

Unlock iPhone 6s via r-sim 10+ ( this video demonstration is for r-sim 10+ but similar menus and all process is the same for iPhone 7 ) soon new video with R-SIM 11 and iPhone 7

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