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Apple Watch bricked Red Exclamation Solution

Apple Watch bricked Red Exclamation Solution
Many apple watch users got this problem of red exclamation after updating the Apple watch to Watch OS 3.1 it got struck at Red exclamation mark and when you searched for solution on internet apple support give you to do a hard reset by pressing both digital crown + side contacts button but it did not work, you should first take the phone to Apple service store and what probably apple will do is replace the apple watch if its one update issue, now with Watch OS 3.1.1 many users are affected with this issue, would recommend to Apple to add user accessible port to restore OS when this kind of things happen. but you have a port on first generation of apple watch , and you can restore OS with this tool : iBUS Data Cable for iWatch S1 38mm & 42mm. 6 pin diagnostics port.

apple watch fix red circle exclamation

what this iBus data Cable for apple watch 1 generation do ? here all details

Apple Watch bricked Red Exclamation Solution, This USB 2.0 iBus adapter connects your iWatch Serial 1 (38mm & 42mm) with Lightning usb cable to your computer’s USB port for restore & upgrade and repair software etc. also can fix related issue once iwatch glass digitizer touch got replacement. Eg, If your Apple Watch displays a red exclamation point after a software update, that’s can easily solved by iBus that’s no more need to contact Apple Support for service and so on.

Using iBUS Data Cable S1 Flash iWatch S1 solution for Red Exclamation apple watch


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