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Updating to iOS 14.3 from 14.2.1 or lower without blobs

Upgrading to iOS/iPadOS 14.3

Make sure you are not blocking OTA updates for this to work

  1. (Optional) Rootfs & Erase contents and settings to get a fresh start with whichever iOS version you have right now
  2. Jailbreak your current iOS version
  3. Open package manager and install MyBloXXX from this repo:
  4. Install the attached profile
  5. Check settings and see if iOS 14.3 shows up as an OTA update
  6. Restore RootFS
  7. OTA Update to iOS 14.3
  8. (Optional) Once you’re on 14.3 you can erase all contents and settings and then jailbreak!
How to access springboard in iOS 13.3 after icloud bypass


Profile link:

This method will supposedly stop working after April 26th, so do this while you can.

Write up on how this works from

If you futurerestored your device after Jan 26, 2021 to get to iOS 14, this method will most likely NOT work for you and you may see the “not connected to the internet” error. It appears this does not work on A14 devices


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