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How lock Touch ID with SOS mode on iPhone iOS11

How lock Touch ID with SOS mode on iPhone iOS11. iOS 11 is probably one of the most secure operating systems, not only with icloud but also on the local devices. today we going to talk in special about the new SOS feature.  now you can quickly make emergency calls or lock Touch ID with SOS mode on iPhone.

How lock Touch ID with SOS mode on iPhone iOS11

why is this a great security update?

Apple is taking seriously the iphone users when we talk about personal data and information. this new update will prevent for someone including police to force you use your finger to unlock you iphone.  In many countries including US it is possible a police force you to unlock your iphone using touch ID but not if its passcode.

How lock Touch ID with SOS mode on iPhone iOS11

You can use SOS mode to easily contact the emergency services, SOS mode also disables the Touch ID fingerprint scanner on your iPhone. This is very important if you’re being forced or arrested and don’t want to be compelled to unlock your device.

If you tap the Home button five times to bring up the emergency services option and then press cancel – or indeed if you go ahead and call the emergency services from that screen – then iOS will automatically lock Touch ID so that it cannot be used to open the phone. You or the cop confiscating your device will need to enter a passcode to unlock it.


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