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how report IOS bug or glitch to Apple

how report IOS bug or glitch to Apple 

A bug or a glitch of one application or something on ios just not working as you expect you can report to apple,  well reporting to apple can be done in many different ways let’s take a look at most common way. The most efficient way to send a bug report is to go to apple’s official site bug report from Now in order to send a bug report here, you need a developer account from apple developer community, so you have to sign up for it ATC membership, is free for the most basic membership which will allow you to create a report like this on the video. another way to report a bug, you can go to the discussions area from on

here you’ll find different forms for different applications aspect of apple hardware and software. You can report here, what you found some bug on ios and you can ask for apple to fix the problem or help you changed features. It’s important you give much useful information as you can and indicate that you want to help.

Report IOS bug glitch Apple

link apple bug report:



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