Augmented Reality Apple Watch app ARWatch

This app, called ARWatch, allows you to simulate the look of a 3D Apple Watch model on your arm, You all know already the Augmented Reality, but now we can even try apple watch before buy , and see how it looks in our arm.

Try this app its free , i am playing around with this app and its really funny  . you just need to print a small peace of paper with double tape and put it in your arm. In the right place you normally use a watch in this post below you have links where you can get the paper image and the link to download the app. this is not a app apple store app so you will need trust the developer in your screen to use this app .

Augmented Reality Apple Watch app ARWatch



You can switch colors of the bands, see how it look like by tapping on the Watch band. You have many funny colors featured in the Apple Watch Sport lineup .

Download the app via iPhone ARWatch using this link from your iPhone.
Print the cutout:



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