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What is Best way to Unlock iPhone iCloud ID

What is the Best way to Unlock iPhone iCloud ID, Each Apple users need to have an Apple ID, which is also an iTunes account and icloud account. When you have a new iPhone device and enter “find my iPhone” , unique information is logged to Apple account, your account details are linked to the iPhone and stored on the apple server. So the device will be linked to iCloud ID. If you dont have the icloud credentials from the device open find my iPhone or find my ipad, you can’t erase the device, then you can’t activate the phone to set details or even remove it from the icloud. The most important is that if the phone is connected to the Internet, it means the device is also traceable, the registered users can wipe the iphone at any time and lock the phone in any way. Unless you can find a way to unlock the activation of iCloud, otherwise, iPhone won’t really play a big role. so the big question is :

Is there any decent solution to remove icloud? idevice.me iblog will introduce iPhone iCloud unlock by hardware in this post.

What is Best way to Unlock iPhone iCloud ID
What is Best way to Unlock iPhone iCloud ID

How to unlock iPhone iCloud ID? hardware method

There are four chips on the iPhone motherboard has are the core parts for you to unlock iCoud: CPU, BASEBAND, NAND FLASH and EEPROM chips.

NAND FLASH and EEPROM which can be re-programmed by iphone Chip programmer, while CPU and BASEBAND must be replaced by hardware (from another iPhone with unlocked IMEI / serial number). Baseband, CPU, Emprom chip, NAND Flash, they are a whole set, baseband must work with the IMEI which is stored in the chip. iPhone motherboard chip kit is without iCloud lock, the CPU, BASEBAND, NAND FLASH and EEPROM chips work normally, you can remove these chips to your iPhone board, The CPU and BASEBAND on the motherboard can be used to be replaced on the new motherboard.

This method is for professionals it takes certain professional skills, take care of the chips, otherwise you will damage these BGA chips.

Full steps to unlock iPhone iCloud ID by hardware replacement

  1. Take down the CPU and Baseband on the motherboard (A Board) with iCloud locked of the iPhone you are going to unlock
  2. Take down (disassemble) the CPU and Baseband on the motherboard (B Board) without iCloud, doing the BGA reballing on it again, the iPhone 6 Plus / 6S iCloud UNLOCK kit chip.
  3. Reading / Import the data of new chip from B Board, Save it, then re-write the new chip data to your A Board by ACT PRO chip programmer, Bond the reballed chips on the motherboard with iCloud
  4. No need to remove NAND from A board, Re-program NAND by iPhone NAND Module Adapter
  5. Move the CPU and Baseband from B board to A board, Install home button and LCD back
  6. Connect iTunes and restore iPhone
  7. Activate iPhone iCloud ID will be eliminated successfully

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