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checkn1x USB Linux ISO to jailbreak with checkra1n

checkn1x Live Linux ISO to jailbreak iOS checkra1n, If you are here for checkra1n jailbreak DO NOT LOOK FURTHER. This is the fastest and easiest method for Jailbreaking your iDevice using windows. Please watch the video to see how fast and easy it is.


DOWNLOAD: https://asineth.gq/checkn1x/

With iPhone booted and plugged in.


Enter Recovery from iOS : quick Volume up then Volume down then hold power till it resets. Continue holding side button (even after Apple logo) till recovery shows. Your phone must be plugged in to PC for recovery to show.

Enter dfu from recovery.

On recovery screen press and hold the side/power button till the screen goes black. The SECOND the screen goes black release all buttons then immediately hold volume down and side button for exactly three seconds. Release side button and hold volume down for 5+ (edit 7) seconds.

Entering dfu directly leaves the phone in a half unloaded state. This is not good, the method above is the same way the Checkra1n GUI says you should do it.

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