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How to downgrade iOS 7.x to 5.0.1 to bypass iCloud

How to downgrade iOS 7.x to 5.0.1 to bypass iCloud

Instructions on downgrading from iOS 7.x to 5.0.1 to bypass iCloud and Cellular iOS activation A4 processor.

iphone 4 ( get activation ) 

iphone-4 get carrier

1. Uninstall latest version of iTunes.
2. Delete or rename the iTunes media folder.
3. Restart computer.
4. Install iTunes 10.7 (
5. Put iPhone in DFU mode.
6. Open redsn0w > Extras > Pwnded DFU
7. Open iTunes (and create a new library, if asked). Press shift (on Mac: alt) and click Restore, select pine.apple269.ipsw (google it for files) and wait for restore to complete. iTunes will produce an error at 99% completion (which can be ignored).
8. redsn0w > Jailbreak
9. When jailbreak is done: redsn0w > Extras > Just boot
10. Select language etc. on the iPhone (don’t skip any steps or say no). When being asked to use iCloud select yes and enter your iCloud ID. When being asked to use Find My iPhone, select yes. Finish the setup.
11. Let the iPhone sync with iCloud.

Done! Now go to on your computer, sign in with your iCloud ID, open Find My iPhone and check if the iPhone is shown in Devices. If it’s there, everything was done right.

also for iphone 5



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