activation lock removal serviceicloud

icloud bypass xampp localhost activation

icloud bypass xampp localhost activation

New xamp files with 150mb including all htdocs relesed until now 2015, this is a great compilations tools to unlock , including Host file for windows or Mac , if you want try and make your own hacking method this is your files should try . you can create a server . if you have a way to get your idevice right certs so you will be able to bypass your device with all full working as new device .

icloud bypass xampp localhost activation

includ also new module, very simple, lightweight method of setting up a single signon
system across multiple web-applicaitions hosted on different servers.

The actual authentication & authorization system is deployed on a single server
instead of each individual server. All other servers are built with mod_auth_remote
enabled. When a request comes in, mod_auth_remote obtains the client username &
password from the client via basic authentication scheme.

It then builds a HTTP header with authorization header built from the client’s
userid:passwd. mod_auth_remote then makes a HEAD request to the authentication
server. On reciept of a 2XX response, the client is validated; for all other
responses the client is not validated.

Download Here 


see the video also for instructions


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