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iclouddnsbypass stop working on iOS11

iclouddnsbypass stop working on iOS11. If you want to bypass icloud using a free method to bypass activation lock from apple devices iclouddnsbypass is a solution but not for iOS11 at least for now. Since apple release the latest iOS11 you cannot use iclouddnsbypass anymore. The captive portal it still works if you are using iOS10.x or lower ipsw firmware.

apple is Breaking the Siege for icloud bypass and activation lock related exploits. Removing icloud or bypass icloud is every day more difficult or almost impossible.

iclouddnsbypass stop working on iOS11


According to the developer, Apple made some changes in iOS 11 Captive Portal mechanism. iclouddnsbypass team will work for a possible solution. Just in case don’t update to iOS 11 for now.

icloudbypass ios11 not working anymore

iCloud DNS Bypass menu Captive Portal still works on iOS10. for iOS11 it no more a working Solution for iPhone / iPad iCloud Bypass using a DNS IP.

iclouddnsbypass stop working on iOS11

List of regional DNS servers: ( ios10 or lower devices )


iclouddnsbypass patched on iOS11 – why icloudDNSbypass stop working?

how to fix iclouddnsbypass ? there is not fix for now , we must wait if the developer cames out with more information.

if you using iphone ipad or ipod with iOS 10 or lower here how you can bypass icloud using icloudDNSbypass captive portal .

iCloud DNS bypass


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