install FilzaJailed iOS 11.1.2 and have root access

install FilzaJailed iOS 11.1.2 and have root access. If you following the jailbreak scene you may know a new exploit is out there. that could allow someone devs with the right skills to create a jailbreak. hopefully for iOS11.1.2, however, there’s currently an application out there called FilzaJailed that’s gonna allow you to get root access to an iOS11 – 11.1.2 device.

Getting a root access to a device means you can change the entire operating system, This application here can get into the operating system change things like the carrier may be the control center if someone has the proper skills. Can pretty much control the entire operating system also remove the icloud account from the iPhone but there are few downsides.

install FilzaJailed iOS 11.1.2 and have root access

install FilzaJailed iOS 11.1.2 and have root access

We going to show you how to install FilzaJailed although I do not recommend installing it unless you’re an advanced user but in this video, I just wanted to educate you guys because this application is currently out there.

As I mentioned it gives you root access to iOS running iOS 11.1.2 or below including the iPhone 10. it’s very important that you stay away from it because you don’t want to delete a file by accident or delete something by accident if you don’t know what you’re doing you really want to stay away from this application. because it can really damage and corrupt the operating system forcing you to restore and then you won’t be able to restore to iOS 11.1.2 which are the exploits out there. 



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That could potentially lead to a jailbreak for the software, because of there’s no longer possible restore ios11.1.2, apple gonna force you to restore to a newer software which could potentially be harder to jailbreak. I wanted to inform  that this currently happened right now this is out there right now you can install it by downloading directly from here : download FilzaJailed and install the app using Cydia impactor.or you can use a tweet box application click and install installing and then just simply enter your passcode same when you use to unlock your phone and install this tweak market application without the need of a computer.

You can just launch the Twiggs Box application search for FilzaJailed ipa right there and then you can install it and it will run on your device. Just be careful installing this and then end up corrupting the operating system and then ending up with a newer software and then a jailbreak comes out when you’re out of luck so just kind of warning you.


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