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IOS10.1 hacked by keen lab

IOS10.1 hacked by keen lab

iPhone 7 is out also apple release latest IOS10.1 firmwares version with many bugs fixed. But doest mean the hackers can not debug ios10.1. The security team keen lab hacked IOS10.1 and demonstrate his work on this videos released by one of his team.

Recente Tencent Team Keen won $215k at PWN2OWN Mobile by attacking Nexus6p and two exploits for the iPhone iOS 10.1 released yesterday.



IOS10.1 hacked by keen lab

This doest mean will be out any time soon a jailbreak for IOS10.1. Keenlab not working on jailbreak scenario . We must wait for Pangu or taig team they are the developers from the last jailbreaks releases. Keenlab just make it easy to all community and giving hope to believe after all IOS10.1 is jailbroken.


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