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remove jailbreak with OSrestorex

Remove jailbreak with OSrestorex

Remove all tweaks with OSRestoreX and keep the firmware

if you need remove jailbreak this is the app you need to install from cydia to restore your firmware with no jailbreak tweaks.

OSRestoreX its one alternative to semi-restore to remove all jailbreak content files without losing your firmware. will restore your iphone ipad or ipod and keep the IOS.

Remove all tweaks with OSRestoreX

This will remove all tweaks from your device. It will do quite a bit to remove all un-needed files from your device to make for a fresh installation as best as it can. It will also remove mobile substrate from your device so dpkg should handle removal of leftover files. Including themes and their data. more details from the developer look here: https://github.com/nathanaccidentally/OSRestoreX

Install from Cydia add this repo:


1. Install OSRestore (Will get everything set up for a restore. This can take up to 5 minutes so be paitent.)
2. Go into settings app and ‘Erase all Content and Settings’
3. Enjoy your freshly restored device on a Jailbreakable firmware!

A semi-restore alternative for iOS 10x jailbreak – unjailbreak


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