Security flaw in Apple, Android browsers detected

Security flaw in Apple, Android browsers detected

This week a huge Security flaw in Apple, Android browsers detected  was found and all people that use it is vulnerable to hackers while surfing the web on Apple and Google devices, thanks to a newly discovered security flaw known as FREAK .

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Apple say its making a big investment in security but must people know Apple’s reputation for software security a myth. is the last month we all know from icloud developers to unlock it they are using also a leak in safari , with proxy and DNS method . but this is something new that could make it easier for hackers to break the encryption that’s supposed to prevent digital eavesdropping when a visitor types sensitive information into a website. Apple  and Google are aware of this problem and said this week they gona make new update software to fix the FREAK attack flaw, which derives its name from an acronym of technical terms. Apple will fix next week and Google said it has provided big update  to android to affect all os and wireless carriers. Technician and engineers say the vulnerability affects Apple web browsers safari and the browser built into Google’s Android software, but not Google Chrome browser or current browsers from Microsoft or Firefox-maker Mozilla. so they aware with your personal information .

The hackers used “man-in-the-middle” attacks to decode encrypted Internet traffic

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