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How to STOP IOS 10 update message popup

How to STOP IOS 10 update message popup

If you do not want update your iOS automatically from your iOS idevice , iPhone iPad or iPod you will need do some modification . This also works on IOS 9.x and IOS10.x all devices and models.

This tip is also very important if you are on one jailbreak IOS 9.x version and want to keep the special version in order to stay in one jailbreak version or not updating for new IPSW firmware versions.

i will show you two different method to stop update message popup.

  1. first is deleting the firmware update after the iPhone or iPad download it from the apple servers (OTA update over the air) follow the video instruction for all details removing the all files also this will give you more free space.



  • Second method is more efective and will stop update message popup , will also prevent from download it to your iPhone . this more permanente for those don’t really want use OTA updates .

its as well very simple method using some iPhone IOS block urls from updating or downloading to your device. Also will work for your IOS 9.x and IOS 10.x .

Websites to block:



How to Disable iOS Software Update Alerts iOS 9.3 | iPhone, iPad, iPod touch



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