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how activate your iPhone after installing iOS 9.3

how activate your iPhone after installing iOS 9.3

If you downloaded iOS 9.3 and couldn’t activate it on your device, Apple’s working on a fix!

Apple after launch the latest firmware ios 9.3 to all idevices created an unprecedented problem blocking almost all legit iPhones ipads and ipods . if the owner did not know the password from iCloud  or apple id you will not be able to activate your idevice. This new function require login and password to proceed with activation of an already activated iPhone. So if you think upgrade think first if you have your credentials if not it may cause many problems for users who do not know the required info. apple support is trying to solve the problem with a short tutorial but still it seems the problem is here to stay.

how activate your iPhone after installing iOS 9.3


here tutorial


IOS 9.3 bypass Icloud review

NOTE : What apple support say is for you sign in to from a computer. You can get help if you forgot your Apple ID or need to reset your Apple ID password.

also if you have 32 bit idevice like ipad 2 you will get one error once you try activate your idevice , if your getting this issus upgrade your firmware Download: iOS 9.3 build 13E236 for iPad 2 Wi-Fi+GSM model.


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