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How setup Live Wallpapers on iPhone (4k)

How you can use animated wallpapers on your device. some of you might not know this or know how to do it that’s why I wanted to cover it because I think it’s a really cool trick. Its really cool looking effects to your lockscreen. so if you see this video on lock screen, press on the lock screen as you can see the wallpaper is animated.

I think that’s a really cool looking effect to have that on my lockscreen plus the wallpaper itself just looks really good. Even if you don’t have it for the animation it’s pretty nice looking. let’s go ahead and jump into our device and the application that I’m using to get these wallpapers is called live wallpapers from appstore.

How To Use ANIMATED LIVE WALLPAPERS On iOS 12 – iPhone & iPad

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if you guys just search that in the App Store you’ll find it it’s I think number one in live wallpapers it’s a really good one it does require a monthly subscription but the first three days are free to try. you can use it as a free trial and then if you don’t want it anymore of course you can end the subscription within the itunes section of your device.

How setup Live Wallpapers on iPhone (4k)
How setup Live Wallpapers on iPhone (4k)

let’s go ahead and jump into it I’ll show you guys some of the wallpapers. here’s in the 4k Ultra HD section and I just think some of these are really really cool. it’s something I haven’t really toyed around with on my device since I got it. using these live or animated wallpapers and it’s a little bit of a process to enable it let’s.

once you’ve saved the photo it basically saves to the live wallpapers in your photos, if we go into settings this is how you’re going to enable these wallpapers just go ahead and swipe down to wallpaper choose new wallpaper and then you want to go to the live photos section. it’s not only live wallpapers you can actually take live photos with your device itself and use those as kind of an animated wallpaper as well which is really neat. This is that we did just download, let’s go ahead and just set it set both to keep it nice and uniform looking and now you can exit out of settings and as you can see on the video the wallpaper is set .if we go to the lock screen and then press and touch as you can see it now has that really cool looking animation.


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