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Stop Spam Notifications iCloud

Stop Spam Notifications iCloud. In the last three, four weeks Apple was getting this annoying trouble, it seems apple is trying to fix the spam notification send by iCloud email. how Stop The Spam Notifications iCloud invitation.

Check this tutorial how to remove the email spam – are you tired of receiving calendar invites from foreign people offering Ray Bans for $19.99? This video shows you how to block spam calendar invitation notifications for bogus events.

Stop Spam Notifications iCloud

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You need to login into your iCloud account and go to calendar, this is first step , then you go to the “Advanced” section, scroll down to “Invitations” and select the button next to Email to : Then press Save.

More alternative method here if this doesn’t work 

This will stop all notification from your iCloud email. Also you should go to your calendar and remove all spam memorized events. Apple is working on better email filter spam in order fix this problem.

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