Apple internal tools restoretools and Homediagnostic

this is a full packed of apple internal tools, other than the fact that it requires access to an Apple engineer’s apple id proxy ip to get full access to a VPN. Many versions of PurpleRestore have been leaked, along with the rest the dev tools.

Problem is without Apple authentication you can only do a sanctioned consumer restore (exactly what iTunes does, but with a purple screen). They’re neat to explore but crippled without authorization.

You must realize that the computer does not play a big role in a restore. The device is mostly running the show on its own.

RestoreTools/HomeDiagnostic versions: – 10A523 (RT2) – 10B141 (RT2) – 13A165 (RT3) – 13F40 (HD) – 13F72 (RT3) – 14A171 (HD) – 14A83432a (RT3) – 14B70 (HD)


Apple internal tools restoretools and Homediagnostic

restoretools and Homediagnostic is just an advanced restore tool, it does not possess magical powers. It must still provide the device with blobs, but unlike iTunes, it can also request blobs from Apple’s internal server. It does not create them, it justs forwards them to the device. idevicerestore is an open source, unofficial third-party tool that also gives the user more options than iTunes, but it too is unable to perform magic.


Access to Apple’s internal signing server requires an Apple internal VPN account and the correct privileges. Some seem to think that it is enough to steal credentials from an Apple employee, but it is not. Rights to downgrade are granted per device and not per person, so unauthorized devices cannot be downgraded even if you manage to get Apple VPN access. We cannot hack the shit out of it and expect it to pluck blobs for unsigned firmware out of thin air. It is not going to happen.

there is nothing that needs to be done if a new version is leaked. It is completely useless. Not a single consumer device could have been downgraded or icloud bypassed. Someone said that PurpleRestore has been abandoned and replaced anyway, and the latest leaked version does not support 64-bit devices either.

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Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit 4.10


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