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how bypass itunes easy method find phone number

How bypass itunes easy method find phone number if you still have the card on sim tray

this will show you how easy is bypass itunes in just 3 or 4 steps . this video is so simple make me think apple is getting so many bugs in the last releases.

bypass itunes is possible by many other methods , since xampp and fiddler but nothing have done using this methods . you just need go music , playlist , press iphone, ipad icon in the side tab , and again playlist on your idevice. Add new paylist drop any song . easy right ? then you just type DONE . go to summary in your iphone icon like the video tutorial show . Thats it. you bypass itunes. Also you can see your idevice information, phone number, udid, serial.  follow this videos steps how bypass itunes easy method find phone number.

itunes bypass ios9.2

this will let you also update your idevice like a normal idevice ( you will not bypass iphone icloud ). Also you can check the phone number from the sim card associated to the iphone. UDID and Serial also can be checked by this method.

how bypass itunes easy method find phone number

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