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Create iOS 9.2.1 Custom Firmware iCloud Bypass

Create iOS 9.2.1 Custom Firmware iCloud Bypass. New decryption keys are out, for latest firmware. one the most advanced way to remove icloud is making a custom firmware (CFW).


Restore a custom firmware 9.2.1 does not mean will be successful effective to remove icloud but some developers try and managed unlock the methods used by Apple to block an iPhone . firmware folder encryption keys are only the first step many other tasks are needed to make a good cost firmware. here is a tutorial video that you can help create an easily . provided you have all the keys and the software you can create your and inject alert by itunes or other software to restore the iDevice .

Create iOS 9.2.1 Custom Firmware iCloud Bypass


To make a custom full restore, you will need a boot exploit that allows you to bypass the IBAC. this video will teach you how you can create CFW for bypassing iCloud on iOS 9.2.1 32-bit capable devices only. This method does require an iBoot or Bootrom exploit, but however, you can still give it a try. I was able to restore a CFW just once on my iphone 4.

Download tools you Need : libimobiledevice, transmac , idecrypt

Create iOS 9.2.1 Custom Firmware iCloud Bypass

Donwload Libimobiledevice for mac and windows


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