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iOS 11.1 bug activation screen unlock clean device

iOS 11.1 bug activation screen unlock clean device. We will explain how to reproduce this bug on your device.
First, you need 2-factor authentication, thouchID, and passcode on the device. Full working activated, as a normal device with a sim card. Then put the device into recovery mode and restore ios11.1, for example, ios 11.03 works too. When finish restoring just follow the manual activation setup to go to the activation screen. Here you have passcode option press many times you want with a wrong passcode ( we use 4 zeros  0000 ).

iOS 11.1 bug activation screen unlock clean device

The passcode option will be disabled by the multiple attempts and you no longer see option passcode, instead, you see activation help. This is part of the process. To complete the process wait more less one hour. Start the configuration setup again and you will have the passcode option popup again. Now your iPhone is prepared to unlock using this bug.
Select passcode option, press 4 zeros or 6 depending on your passcode. You will get the wrong passcode popup. Now on the second time the bypass will work type very very slow the 4 zeros and the last zero even slower. Magic will happen voila, you unlock an iPhone completely. Find my iPhone was removed from apple servers. You free to setup new icloud and Apple ID for activation of new iPhone.



Passcode option to unlock activation screen

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