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Passcode option to unlock activation screen

Passcode option to unlock activation screen. Apple makes big changes on icloud activation screen for iPhone iPad and iPod. This new passcode option screen pretends to be an alternative method to unlock your device using icloud credentials. New option passcode to unlock activation screen.

Passcode option to unlock activation screen

Passcode option to unlock activation screen

It’s not completely clear how to activate this “unlock with passcode” into your device. All indication guide us in order to have this new screen on iOS11.0.2 and iOS11.0.3 you need to activate two-factor authentication on your APPLE ID. One thing is 100% sure this screen only pops up on the latest iOS11.0x. iCloud Activation Lock and Unlock iCloud CLEAN Mode screen. This option makes the process much easier. If you forget your icloud password but in somehow you have a passcode or pin code to unlock. This can also be a new feature that Apple will release and it was activated to start working on ios11.02. Not an option for all devices yet but in the next update, we can have this option activated for more icloud users.

In theory, this “unlock with passcode” disable find my iPhone – FMI from the iPhone and Apple servers. It can be used in alternative to the email and password to unlock a clean device, just typing the right passcode. So if someone buys one iPhone on second-hand market locked to icloud the legit owner can just give or send a six digits passcode to the new owner. The iPhone will be unlocked and activated with this simple process.

Will not need to login into to unlink the iphone. For some users not familiarized with, it can be a complicated process to remove an old iPhone from the icloud account.


iOS11 bug unlock icloud activation screen Clean Mode


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