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Not working iPhone 6S Plus Fixed By removing Nand

Not working iPhone 6S Plus Fixed By removing Nand  

In this video we are showing how to fix one iPhone 6 plus if doest power up. Using this method you will need electronic and technical skills. Not working iPhone 6S Plus Fixed By removing Nand

The iPhone user dropped the iPhone and bricked.  Connecting to iTunes was directly comunicating automatically into DFU mode with no serial number. so after restored the iPhone was in the ends with the error 4005. As you may know the serial number is programmed in HDD (flash chip). so it indicates the problem was with HDD (flash chip) because the phone was dropped. It means the HDD (flash chip) might be disconnected with PCB. Whats the solution? I removed the HDD (flash chip) and resoled (reball flash chip). The whole process of resoled you can see in this HD video. After this process the phone turned in RECOVERY mode so it need to restore again. This time the restore was completed without any errors and phone turned on .In this process you will going lose all data of your phone. This will also work to remove iCloud, its a hardware solution using new HDD (flash chip) without iCloud.

Not working iPhone 6S Plus Fixed removing Nand

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Apple’s new storage technology finally reversed!


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