Saving battery iOS 12

Saving battery iOS 12. Here are the best iPhone XS battery saving tips with iOS 12 that will help you fix iPhone dying battery issues and help improve iPhone battery life. These ios 12 battery saving tips will work on any iOS device including the iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone X, iPhone 6 and any other iOS 12 device.

Today we will show you the most important tips and tricks that will help you improve the battery life of your iOS 12. Device location services is something that really eats up the battery of your device if you don’t use it you don’t need it at the moment simply go to settings go to privacy and turn it off. If you need to turn it on to have it on just simply go ahead and turn on, only when you’re using the app so you go to the app you go right on the app settings and just set while using the app. Don’t let it run all the time in the background, because that will drain your battery. Something that will really help you improve the battery life of your iPhone is, notifications. We know a lot of people just don’t care they will turn all notifications for every app but they will actually drain the battery a lot so just go to settings go to notifications and for the apps where you don’t really need notifications just make sure you turn them off. You don’t actually need all notifications for every app or every game that you have on your iPhone. Go ahead manage them the right way and only leave on the notifications that you actually need.

Saving battery iOS 12

Saving battery iOS 12
Saving battery iOS 12

A simple trick to improve battery life on iOS 12 is completely turning off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when you don’t need them you know since iOS 11 from the control center you can only disconnect them you tap the toggles they won’t turn off they will just disconnect. Simply go to settings go to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and you can completely turn them off using the toggles turning off Siri suggestions for a lot of your apps will actually help a lot. Go to settings or you can use Siri  to close apps that you don’t actually need it.

Another trick to save battery life on your iPhone is turning off fitness tracking so you go to settings go to privacy and you have here motion and fitness. You have here fitness tracking so if you don’t really use that. how many steps we have done at how miles we have walked and all that then you don’t need this on . Just go ahead and turn it off from here . Background app refresh is also something that will have a huge impact on the battery life make sure you turn it off for the absolute don’t need you to go to settings and go to general and then you will find here background app refresh. You will have an option here to completely turn it off or you can just go ahead and select for which app you want to leave it on and for which app you want to turn it off.

Saving battery iOS 12


Wi-Fi assist will also have an impact on the battery life of your iOS12 device. Make sure you turn it off go to settings and go to cellular scroll all the way down here and once you have your cellular network turned on you will have the options. Here you can enable or disable Wi-Fi assist so what this does is that it will automatically switch between the Wi-Fi and cellular data based on the connectivity that you have with your Wi-Fi network. If you have weak connectivity it will automatically switch to cellular data and that, of course, will drain the battery so you go ahead and turn it off.

Rise to wake is another cool feature of iOS 12 or newer devices but it also consumes battery you don’t need to have it on you go ahead go to settings, go to display and brightness and you will find rise to wake right here just make sure you turn it off. If you go to settings and you go to iTunes and App Store section you will find here automatic downloads/updates. What these do is that they will automatically download like music apps books audiobooks and also app updates so they might happen to download just when you’re running low on battery and that will make it even worse just just make sure you go ahead and turn off updates right here under iTunes and App Store.

another thing that has been a myth for a long time is closing apps only background actually as by Apple closing apps on the background won’t help you it’s better to leave them on only background so you can go to the app switcher you see the apps right here these are suspended and they ready to go once you want to relaunch them if you close them they will have to completely relaunch but if you don’t close them you will have them ready right there so closing and relaunching apps, of course, will consume more battery than leaving them on in the app switcher.


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