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Apple have patched exploit that used by iCloud DNS Bypass

Apple have patched exploit that used by iCloud DNS Bypass

– Today we saw on iclouddnsbypass webpage that Apple have patched exploit that used by iCloudDNSBypass, what means it become encrypted and impossible to redirect anymore. No longer works on all iOS. For now the only solution use Captive Portal thrue wifi local server. the developer will copy all menus in there, but functions is limited. You won’t be able to take photos anymore. If you still want use this method to navigate online, see videos check emails browse on google with alternative iclouddnsbypass is Captive Portal.

icloud DNS portal

A captive portal is  web page that is shown before using the Internet like the ones from login and password. The portal is often used by airports , hotspots etc . This is done by intercepting most packets, regardless of address or port, until the user opens a browser and tries to access the web. At that time the browser is redirected to a web page which can be edited by administrator . This technology is much more simple then the DNS but better then nothing. Also still have the Crash method.

iCloud DNS Bypass menu is now in Captive Portal

Follow instructions:
1) Remove Wi-Fi
2) Reboot device
3) Enter DNS before connecting to Wi-Fi
4) Connect Wi-Fi

DNS Addresses

When screen become locked, just turn on it, wait few seconds and press Home->Wi-Fi so no need to reboot device again.


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