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unlock icloud ios11 ipad air – hardware solution

unlock icloud ios11 ipad air – hardware solution , the Vietnam company found a solution to solve the iPad activation problem on iOS11. This is a hardware solution not possible without the proper tools. You will need to reflash NAND, with new Serial Number, not any serial number it must be a new serial number for the specific device, Apple servers must accept the new serial as the right iPad associated to the new serial. You will need new WIFI_MAC_ADDR, New BT_MAC_ADDR.

Solution for iOS11 ipad hardware icloud bypass

Generating new ipad air NAND flash memory – Serial Number (without icloud) as a new device on apple servers.


unlock icloud ios11 ipad air

This hardware solution is working in all 64bits ipads and ipadpro. This video shows all the process working. After a quick talk with a ipad technician repair explained the new serial it can cost 25usd for single SN.

unlock icloud ios11 ipad air – hardware solution

How to unlock icloud ios11 ipad air? 

  • First, you need to open your iPad to remove NAND flash memory.
  • serial compatible with your device
  • naviplus-pro 3000 ( hardware NAND flash )
  • reflash with new SERIAL
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