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Sync itunes and Idevice

Sync itunes and Idevice itune bypass, and sync idevice with itunes icloud bypass

New update itune bypass, and sync idevice with itunes

Step 1: Download xampp google it
Download the ‘Htcdocs’ files from below
(File 1 link: Download ).
Step 2: Install xampp
Step 3: Open the htcdocs file you downloaded
Step 4: Go onto computer/localdisk/xampp/htcdocsStep

5: Copy everything from the htcdocs file that YOU downloaded into the xampp htcdocs
Step 6: Go into computer/local disk/windows/system32/drivers/etc
Step 7: Copy the hosts file to your desktop to edit it… Open it with notepad, click enter (basically skipping a line) and add this line afterwards…
Step 8: Copy the hosts file back to the etc folder and run xampp
Step 9: Click start on apache… Wait until it says “running”
Step 10: Go on your iDevice and go up to the activation screen then connect your iDevice and open iTunes
Step 11: When it asks something about “” click continue…
Then hit ok… and wait. You just bypassed the activation lock screen on ITUNES!

Try after bypass itunes lock screen:
Download File 3 and 4 from below.
(File 2: IT Detector.ocx )
(File 3: iPhoneActivation.pem )
Copy and Paste (replace) it to the iTunes folder in c drive.
Close iTunes and re-open it.
Backup your iDevice with iTunes.
Restore and  backup.


Try Sync iTunes and Idevice


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