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how decrypt and find passwords iphone backup

how decrypt and find passwords iphone backup

A lot of talk in recent weeks about unlocking an iphone, FBI asked Apple make some changes and make available a backdoor that allows Forensics research access on all idevices for investigations. Encryption is the basis of all this controversy . If apple leave his  operating system vulnerable will certainly be attacked by hackers, they already trying everyday and is not official apple have backdoors.


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But Apple is certainly busy preparing new security fix and changes. one has to be the itunes backup. local backup by iTunes is not as safe as you may think. using specific software is possible to decrypt the backup and quickly have access to confidential information, such as iCloud password , email, wifi password password twitter , facebook and many other saved passwords in the backup.

check this video to understand how decrypt and find passwords iphone backup


the software is from elcomsoft they have free version online to try , but for decrypt all passwords you may need profissional version :



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