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Alternative Host method to unlock icloud

Free method to unlock icloud Alternative Host method to bypass activation

If you can not do a home Proxy server with XAPP its not much complicate¬†but here is a simple method and it works as well. Only works with Lost mode devices , black screen, if you want a tip , do not restore the phone if you have a device with a message on the screen because its much easier to unlock . after you restore or even update by itunes you will just convert your device in a “Rock”. Until the unlock iCloud software not being released this proxy host server its the only free solution available.

How To BYPASS iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone and iPad iOS 13 (CheckRa1n)

All u need is an Android Phone that can wifi tether! ( make a wifi spot)
1. first and foremost install KSWEB (to create a local server android )
2. grab the files that are used with xampp (you can see here how) and put them in htdocs folder in android ( i used ic-hacks files)
3. edit hosts file which is located in /etc
4. tether your wifi and connect your idevice to it WITHOUT any proxy ip
5. select activation help and unlock button. THATS IT
this method is alternative way to xampp but easier as its on android. all detailed info about xampp/hosts you can google.
This is just a bypass that disappears after rebooting. and no way to jailbreak. i am just sharing what i know maybe someone will find a better way and share, cause these so-called hackers are helpless.

Free method to unlock icloud Alternative Host method to bypass activation

more info @ how make a home server with xampp to unlock activation and bypass icloud:


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