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n1ghtshade downgrade & Hacktivate iphone with checkm8

This is 32-bit devices finally getting some checkm8-based tools. A bootchain jailbreak downgrade utility for A6 and A6X iphones and ipads.


  • Allows downgrades and custom firmwares to be loaded.
  • Jailbreaks.
  • Hacktivates
n1ghtshade downgrade & Hacktivate iphone with checkm8


  • Can be downloaded from here

BETA Version

  • Currently cannot jailbreak iOS 8 and up
  • Mac only; Works on macOS Mojave and up

n1ghtshade downgrade & Hacktivate iphone with checkm8

n1ghtshade downgrade & Hacktivate iphone with checkm8

This still in beta tag so you may need many attempts to make this work. If you pretend bypass icloud you can use SSH connection after jailbreak or you can downgrade your iphone or ipad to iOS6 and Hactivate.


IPhone 5 downgrade to ios 6 & hacktivate it using n1ghtshade Tool, you can downgrade to ios7 and hacktivate too.

Jailbreak downgrade #tethered boot icloud bypass tool for A6 device (n1ghtshade by synackuk)

  1. Step 1: Go to > download n1ghtshade
  2. Step 2: Go to, search for ios 7 (latest 7.1.2) for your device. Download it.
  3. Step 3: Plug-in your device to Mac via lightning cable > open n1ghtshade. Click Restore IPSW > Select IPSW > Choose ios 7 IPSW file (step 2) > Click Restore
  4. Step 4: Put your device in DFU mode (Hold Home button and Power button, wait until the screen turns off, Continue to wait about 5 seconds. Continue holding the Home button and release Power button until n1ghshade show “Grooming heap” NOTE: If n1ghshade stop in “grooming heap”, Exit DFU mode by hold Home + Power in 5s, and try again
  5. Step 5: After restore to ios 7 done, re-enter DFU mode, on n1ghtshade click Jailbreak. If it fails, try DFU mode again
  6. Step 6: After Jailbreak done, re-enter DFU mode, click Boot Tethered.
  7. Step 7: Done, after ios 7 boots up successfully, just connect to wifi and there is no icloud activation there

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