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icloud activation bypass iOS 11

icloud activation bypass iOS 11. its possible to bypass activation screen on ios 11 using this method. Icloud bypass crash to springboard. We did test this new crash ios11 icloud screen and worked. the problem is we can not do much with it. You can not open apps and settings, but its a very strange bug. This bug can bypass the icloud screen and jump to the activation screen. In our tests, we could even follow the touch id process for activation. How to bypass icloud screen using IOS11?

icloud activation bypass iOS 11

First, you need a free software, you can use the trial for this bug to work: Dr.Fone Switch

Download and install Windows app Dr.Fone Switch

Connect device on iOS 11.x to Windows PC via USB.

Start iOS device and don’t connect to Wi-Fi, press Activate with iTunes.

Start Dr.Fone Switch app and press “Switch” button.

You will get activation bypassed and dialog of setup Touch ID.

Once you see springboard press power button to lock, than unlock again. When you see the menu press on/off button directly, after press home button to unlock and will go to menu, doesn’t work always repeat till stay in the menu.

Download Dr.Fone Switch

This ios icloud bypass crash screen don’t work with ios12, we tested on ios 12.0 but nothing happen, only itunes logo change. This won’t do much, the phone will not have an activation ticket so you won’t be able to use a backup!

icloud activation bypass iOS 11

Here’s How This Guy bypass icloud  “Activation Lock” Security Feature using free software.

Icloud bypass crash to springboard

iCloud lock screen is a security feature from ios11 for all devices including apple watch to prevent unauthorized to access the device in case it gets lost of stolen. iCloud activation can be ON using the Find my iPhone feature present on devices running iOS11 firmware. Its very rare find ways to bypass this screen there was no possible way to get in into the device Cloud Activation lock without entering the Apple ID and password associated with it. this trick will bypass icloud and crash to springboard.


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