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icloud bypass via DNS

icloud bypass via DNS. try this new way to connect DNS ip if you have problems in connect normal way. This video show you how connect your locked device via DNS with different method. DNS method is still one of possible ways to use your idevice locked to check email, social network and browse on internet .

Have you ever heard about DNS iCloud Activation method, Even the original owner cannot keep in mind login and password from iCloud account. When this happens, original owner tried to contact with Apple company and as usual Apple asked a lot of different questions. Apple asks for the original device payment receipt even if the user have already provided all the correct information. Needless to say, that nowadays many people buy Apple devices with iCloud Activation Lock without knowing it. This step by step guide will help you to use DNS iCloud Activation method on your Apple device

Other method to icloud bypass via DNS


Icloud dns bypass use a DNS ip let your wifi network connect to a specific server. This server works very good and let you have a captive portal with some links to browse. Works in ipad, ipod and iphone.

icloud bypass via DNS

To use DNS you only need add DNS ip at your wifi connection and wait captive portal. This video we show you how to use same thing but difrent way. You add DNS IP in your rooter , and after that you dont need add nothing more at your idevice. Just connect wifi and captive portal will came into your screen. This can be great if you have difficulty in connect DNS.

Also you can make your DNS portal and browser your own captive portal check this link:

DNS Server IP addresses




Rest of the world:



How remove icloud for all jailbroken devices

Passcode option to unlock activation screen

Passcode option to unlock activation screen


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