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How to change IMEI to unlock icloud

How to change IMEI to unlock icloud 

Is there many solution possible to unlock via hardware in ipad GSM , this method is used by mobile repair shops , just remove or replace GSM resister and automatically your ipad got new IMEI. So if you change IMEI in Iphone will be the same you will unlock your iphone , do not mean you will have network signal , i dont have any info about successful IMEI unlock by hardware. This information is about facebook page giving information about changing IMEI in Iphones .


How to change IMEI to unlock icloud


This machine is made to change Iphone IMEI locally with out open the idevice. it seams work with iphone 5, 5S, 5C, 4S. The additional information is in Chinese referring also this imei machine ACT 6 can cost 650$ .  check also

also check this link for other method to hardware unlock


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