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Donwnload libipatcher New Downgrade software

Donwnload libipatcher New Downgrade software

Developers are really working hard and seems to be making great progress and find new downgrade methods. Of course, you MUST have SHSH blobs saved in order to be able to do that.

Tihmstar recently released a software to downgrade iOS version. that is Libipatcher:


Nonce collisions are patched, so only when jailbroken is the only possible way. but you can now downgrade to any iOS by compiling futurerestore with libipatcher.

Donwnload libipatcher New Downgrade software

-This is not an exploit -You still need Blobs, OTA, dumped work too

Now to explain what this is:

This is a patcher. It patches checks from decrypted bootloaders.

Some may know Odysseus, with these tools you can downgrade/upgrade to any iOS version you have blobs for. If you choose to do that you need a “Bundle” which contains patches for your firmware. Now, these bundles have to be created and published so that you can use them.

So now with this and futurestore it basically does this:

Extracts iBSS and iBEC ramdisk device tree and kernel, they are then all decrypted and iBSS and iBEC are patched. Then they’re used for the normal restore procedure. The only difference is that you need to be in the restore mode with a patched iBSS on the iPhone. Then a signed baseband and the rest of your ipsw¬†(Filesystem, “nor” files) is then used to restore to the version you chose.

@Tihmstar said any version, because before Odysseus Bundles weren’t available for every iOS version and now this patcher should work with any iOS version – 32-Bit only.


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