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Unlock iPhone Passcode Without iTunes Restore

Unlock iPhone Passcode Without iTunes Restore

Fist of all this only works without any problems if you have your idevice icloud id with you. you will need it to remove passcode from your iphone ipad or ipod.

many people have this problem, forgot the lock screen passcode 4 digits or 6 digits and then the phone will not work if you do not put right passcode. You have an easy solution without computer and also all your data will be back into your iphone ipad or ipod . The only problem is you need your icloud activation credencials. so no stress if you have it all.

1 – you need internet connection and sign into your icloud account via any browser or even other iphone ipad or ipod ( find my iphone app )

2 – find your device in the device list and press (Erase Iphone). be sure you erase the right device.

3-  Once your device is wiped, it will start up as a fresh device. Set it up using the same iCloud username and password again.

4 – no you will not have passcode anymore but you still restore your icloud backup, Now you can activate your iPhone, restore your data from iCloud, set up a new passcode or use fingerprint to lock the device.


Unlock iPhone Passcode Without iTunes Restore – iphone passcode disabled


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