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how to activate facetime in unsupported countries or carriers

How to Activate FaceTime in Middle east or any unsupported countries

how to activate facetime in any unsupported countries. tips and tricks
how to activate facetime in unsupported countries tips
This Video will show you some useful tricks to enable Facetime video calls or voice calling feature in unsupported countries or unsupported carriers.
Facetime being one of the most used appleĀ application for video calls but as you can notice is not available in all the countries special the Middle east.

You will need a good VPN or you can also install into your iphone apps from jailbreakĀ to unlock carrier facetime .

If FaceTime is activated and you get stuck on “Connecting” when making a call it is because your internet provider has blocked it. This is because some your iphone is using 3g or 4g communication and have blocked it on their network so you have to use a VPN if you are using a locked voice/video Wifi or 3G network.
But if you are using a VPN from European country or USA you should be ok.
Jailbreaking is like a freedom of choice but you need to be cautious with some tweaks and always do a backup of your IOS firmware so if anything goes wrong you can always use the backup.

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