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Download libimobiledevice updated 2019

Download libimobiledevice updated for all iOS models, latest iOS 12 support 2019 including iPhone Xs and iPhone XS max, tools for those that are interested in running the libimobiledevice tools on Windows. 64bit 32bits Win OS. Works fully with iOS 12 including update, restore and backup. idevice tools are also functional including ideviceinfo, idevicesyslog, idevice crash report, idevicebackup2, and idevicerestore.

libimobiledevice 2019 updated for iOS 12.x windows version:

libimobiledevice Download

new libimobiledevice

install libimobiledevice 2019 – Win x64 bit – iOS 12 TESTED, thanks @dev__jam for this Latest version of Libimobiledevice 2019 compiled for Windows. Libimobiledevice updated to support ios 12 version for iphone , ipad , ipadpro and ipod.

libimobiledevice updated iPad pro iPhone and iPod touch support, restore ios 12.x

how backup iOS 12 without iTunes using idevicebackup2 .

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libimobiledevice don’t require iTunes to restore itunes backups to your device, but the Apple Device Driver and the Apple Application Support service to request shsh and software library.

libimobiledevice is the equivalent of the Apple Device Driver and the Apple Application Support components in the form of the open source usbmuxd library.

However, usbmuxd uses libusb to communicate with ios devices, interact with USB devices. libusb has very good support for Linux and macOS, but some functionality is missing on Windows. In particular, you cannot set the device configuration using libusb for Windows devices, and it’s required to work with iOS devices.

There are companies that do provide support for connecting to iOS devices on Windows without any Apple software for commercial proposes. many companies have the software you can get in touch with us if you want to know more. However, in most cases, there’s little benefit to doing so: the Apple software is stable and well tested, so there’s little incentive in using a 3rd party library for that.

If what you’re looking for is connecting your iOS file system on Windows, you don’t need to worry about removing iTunes. You can connect using libimobiledevice service running on windows device to interact with the Apple file system. libimobiledevice provides an API (not a command line program that you can use on Windows, though); and there are bindings in various programming languages.

How to restore iPhone

Idevicerestore tool allows restoring iphone ipad or ipod firmware files. It is a full reimplementation of software that doesn’t require iTunes. steps which are performed during restore of firmware to a device. In general, upgrades and downgrades are possible, however subject to availability of SHSH blobs from Apple for signing the firmware files. To restore a device to sined firmware, simply run the following:

$ sudo idevicerestore -l

This will download and restore the latest firmware available. You can also backup and restore or restore from itunes backup.


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