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How fix water damaged iphone

How fix water damaged iphone, water damaged is one most common problems for iPhones, ipads , apple watch and macbooks. Looking to fix a wet phone or how to dry a wet phone? Fix an android or iPhone with rice and other tips and tricks to save a wet iphone. How to fix a wet mobile phone? How to dry a wet phone? How to fix wet phone with rice? How to fix a wet phone with silica gel packets. How to fix wet cell phone! How to dry wet iPhone! How to dry a wet android phone! Save a wet iphone! Tips and tricks to fix wet cell phone.

People taking apart a damaged phone and putting rice in it to absorb the water, but rice is not the best option doing that will do more damage than it has already suffered. It gets stuck in places like dock connectors and headphone jacks, causing other problems.

Best Option How fix water damaged iphone SILICA

How fix water damaged iphone


The first steps :

  • Open the phone is also not good idea voided the warranty.
  • turn off your iphone ipad ipod etc
  • After you’ve dried it off and shaken the liquid out, you can use silica gel packs, put them in a plastic bag with the iPhone, put them all in a dry place for three days and hope the gel sucks the moisture out of the phone.


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