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how to remove icloud activation ipad GSM – full video tutorial

How to remove icloud activation ipad GSM iPad GSM Activation Lock bypass iCloud bypass hardware method 

how to remove icloud activation ipad GSM full (video tutorial)

– Once again, icloud bypass news how to remove icloud activation ipad GSM, its the most easy idevice to bypass icloud, its not a bypass its completely remover , this is a full video tutorial explaining very well that you need to remove in to ipad gsm 3g models to completely free your ipad from icloud. Most of the mobile repair shops do it in 2 hours ,  but if you have skills in repair stuff you will probably do it. The tools you need its in your home. probably the hard part is the unglue but you can unglue also with a hair dryer. this video show all process from opening the ipad to bypass the activation lock.

how to remove icloud activation ipad GSM – full video tutorial

you need be careful : wifi antena

ll iPad (GSM) All Worked Fine , Camera, bluetooth, wifi, charge etc And Here Is The List:
iPad 2 (GSM) A1396 -> OK
iPad 2 (CDMA) A1397 -> OK
iPad 3 (GSM) A1430 -> OK
iPad Mini (GSM) A1455 -> OK
iPad Mini 2 (GSM) A1490 (Retina Display) -> OK
iPad Air (GSM) A1475 -> OK

If iTunes detects it as an iPhone, try disconnecting the battery and draining the power then reconnecting it again. For iTunes to detect it, you don’t have to connect the LCD and digitizer for the restore, this could save you a lot of time and effort, especially when you’re troubleshooting. I know from experience something else might have been touched and possibly damaged, even the slightest. Check the surrounding resistors with a tweezer. If you find any to be somewhat loose then you’re going to have to solder them back on, which is a hassle.
please note always say to people disconnect battery for a long time because sometimes ipad don’t want to transform from Cellular into WiFi. Some electricity stays in logic board and keep Cellular board_id in device bios.



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