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Check and remove KeyRaider malware on your jailbreak idevice

Check and remove KeyRaider malware on your jailbreak idevice

Recently developers on ios security claim discover a malware on jailbreak idevices. This could be installed after you jailbreak your device. what is this? if you jailbreak with taig and install non trustable weeks from cydia you may have it. This KeyRaider intercepts iTunes traffic to steal your Apple account information. the information is has stolen more than 250,000 icloud accounts so far and here’s how you can find and eliminate it.


-You must know mostly affected users are from China.

The easy way to remove KeyRaider you can restore it with a fresh copy of iOS to remove the malicious files. However, this will remove your jailbreak and delete all of your data. If you dont want lose your data you can remove it manualy: First search in Cydia for Filza File Manager and install, Open the app and navigate to /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/ ,Select the first file ending in .dylib

Inside this file, you’ll see lots of hex code. Use the search bar at the top to look for the following keywords:

  • wushidou
  • gotoip4
  • bamu
  • getHanzi

This videos shows you how to easily detect and delete the Key Raider Malware. Keep protected in the future with this app!

Some developers make a cydia app to search .dylib files for you maybe its the easier way.

Check and remove KeyRaider malware on your jailbreak idevice

-If you find any of these things, your device is infected for sure. To clean it, you must delete the file along with its corresponding .plist with the same name.



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