Restore iOS 11.x – 12.x to 12.2 using futurerestore with SHSH2 Blobs (Windows)

First make an iTunes backup & Backup Cydia files and sources, then disable Find My iPhoneYou must be Jailbroken to set your “Boot Nonce” works with Unc0ver v3.3.0.b2 or Chimera 1.1.0.

1 Download your .shsh2 blob for iOS 12.2 extract the files and open up folder “noapnonce” and choose the latest or the only .shsh2 blob file, Open up your saved .shsh2 blob for iOS 12.2 using a text editor on your pc (for example Notepad++)

Search inside the file (CTRL+F) for: generator

The line under <key>generator</key> you should see <string>YOUR STRING</string>

Type or Copy YOUR STRING and send it over to your iPhone (use e-mail or something)

2. Open your JB app (Unc0ver v3.3.0.b2 or Chimera 1.1.0) and go over to “Boot Nonce” and typ in your key and Re-Jailbreak, in Unc0ver press in Overwrite Boot Nonce

3. Exit out of the app

4. Now connect your iPhone to your PC

5. Create a folder somewhere (Desktop)

6. You need have a few things inside the folder: futurerestore.exe, 12.2 .shsh2 blob, 12.2 IPSW file (you can download this for your device on ipsw.me)

7. Now open a command prompt (cmd.exe) open with administrator privileges windows 10 (or it will fail to download the baseband files)

8. Drag futurerestore.exe inside the prompt

9. Then press spacebar and type -t and press spacebar again

10. Drag in your .shsh2 blob file and press spacebar

11. Type in –latest-sep –latest-baseband and press spacebar

It should look something like this:

C:\Users\kapten\Desktop\Restore\futurerestore.exe -t C:\Users\kapten\Desktop\Restore\5445468787704614_iPhone9,3_d101ap_12.2-16E227_27325c8258be46e69d9ee57fa9a8fbc28b873df434e5e702a8b27999551138ae.shsh2 --latest-sep --latest-baseband C:\Users\kapten\Desktop\Restore\iPhone9,1_12.2_16E227.ipsw

12 Drag in your .ipsw file AND Press Enter!

Done DONE SUCCESSFUL With iPhone 7 128GB! When restoring your files back to iPhone i can recommend using 3utools to do all the job without errors.

NOTE: Restoring your files back to iPhone using iTunes and you get stuck in the “Setup Assistant” use 3utools to exit its Free

Download tools:


Unc0ver JB

Chimera JB



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