Filza root access iOS 12 – Jailbreak

This version is a new version of Filza root access iOS 12 from the developer @Jakeashacks which injected the new iOS12 exploit into. Now you have permission to read and write on var/. This version doesn’t crash when opening the iPhone. Its working for A11 and A12 devices, it can change themes without trouble and can be installed without problems. Enjoy! Works for iOS 12.x to 12.1.1.

How to Download & Install Filza to Get Root Access on iOS 12.

Filza file manager is currently supported only on the select iOS devices. It essentially works on iOS 12, It does not work on the newly released 12.2 (hopefully it will soon). Also, It will compatible with the older versions as well such as iOS 11.x or iOS 10.x.

GitHub project 

Download rootlessJB.ipa file

ignition.fun ( no computer need )

Filza root access iOS 12
Filza root access iOS 12
  • Download rootlessJB ipa file or download via ignition.fun directly to your iPhone
  • Make sure you are on iOS12 supported version ios 12.x -12.1.1.
  • Accept the certificate in settings
  • Run the app , turn on filza and wait for the jailbreak run the exploit
  • Done now you have filza installed and root access on iOS12.

Jailbreak iOS12 install Filza root



Download libimobiledevice updated 2019

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