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whats new latest IOS 9.3

whats new on IOS 9.3

whats new latest IOS 9.3 

The latest ios 9.3 final is almost out for all users. probably in the nexts week or two but today ewe got the new beta version ios 9.3 beta5. Whats new on latest IOS 9.3 , This new version for developers came available for download on apple developer center. Most of the beta version are available only for developers users. You may need a dev account from apple servers. but if you dont want to wait for the final version you can try download and install this beta using other 3utools from – let you download beta version without being developer .

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Whats new on ios 9.3 

This video show you ios 9.3 b5 running

Apple just released their newest iOS 9.3 beta with a few new additions and bug fixes. iOS 9.3 beta 5 also makes changes on Control Center and Night Shift disabled in Low Power Mode, please check the video for full review on the latest ios 9.3 beta5. this probably very close to the last version we waiting. Some related information i reed about this version it might close any Vulnerability to jailbreak ios 9.3. I hope this is not true and a jailbreak came out with final ipsw 9.3 from pangu, taig or any other developer team working on jailbreak.



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