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Download Futurerestore v222 for iPhone Xs Max and iPhone XR

Futurerestore v222 with Face ID support available now on github! This is a build of Futurerestore compiled for macOS. It’s dependencies are statically linked into the .exe, so it can be transferred easily. Download Futurerestore sources, used code were originally by tihmstar, then modified by an encounter, and then modified by s0uthwest. Only use if you are sure what you’re doing.
Many Source codes were used to compile this build of futurerestore:

Download Futurerestore v222 for iPhone Xs Max and iPhone XR  ( new version )

S0uthwest GitHub project :

This version successfully restores Face ID devices!
Thanks @pwn20wndstuff for recommendations, Puro_SinCorte & Jonathan Suares to test it on iPhone X? Max and iPhone XR!

futurerestore is a hacked up idevicerestore wrapper, which allows manually specifying SEP and Baseband for restoring

Latest release available here for Windows, macOS & Linux.

Download Futurerestore
Download Futurerestore

Compiled version only macOS & Linux version, Windows version won’t be compiled. Face ID devices successfully restored now! FeaturesSupports the following downgrade methods Prometheus 64-bit devices (generator and APNonce collision mode); Odysseus for 32-bit devices; Re-restoring 32-bit devices to iOS 9 with alitek123 no-ApNonce method (alternative idevicererestore).

Allows restoring any non-matching signed iOS/SEP/Baseband. NOT recommended to use ‘u’ parameter, if you update from jailbroken firmware!

Download Futurerestore v222
Download Futurerestore v222

Dependencies Runtime On macOS, futurerestore requires no runtime dependencies, the following are only for compiling; On Linux, usbmuxd is required at runtime.

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