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Download Best apple watch new faces

In this post we show you how to add custom apple Watch faces to your Apple Watch, links to install the best apple watch faces can be found to Download Custom New Watch Faces for Apple Watch. if you love apple don’t forget to subscribe our blog to stay tuned in to the latest Apple updates. how to create custom watch faces for your Apple watch. we going be showing you really awesome apps that will allow you to actually create custom watch faces. Basically, we going to show you two apps.


First APP

the first one is Watchimise allows you to create custom watch faces in a really minimal weight of the things that you love. there’s a starter pack a gaming pack ,a cartoon pack, a tech pack a food pack a border pack a sports pack and a vehicles pack. there’s a bunch of different watch faces that you can actually install . Once you actually choose on the category that you actually want to install it best apple watch faces. you will see a bunch of watch faces with different icons. they’re really awesome and they’re really simple. now in order for you to actually install one on your Apple watch you simply have to click on Watchimise app you want, then you’ll have the option to actually change the color if you want, if you want to change it to green or to other you going to be able to do that you want.

I personally like a minimal theme and then you simply press download face, there are so much to choose from here,  of course, is just a wallpaper for your watch base but it’s awesome because the possibilities are endless and actually fun fact that the developer who actually made this app is helping me a lot with my thumbnails lately.

2 º APP

The next app that we’re gonna go ahead and talk about lets you customize its a Chinese app but looks great for customize every single aspect of the watch face, watch bbqe.

Download Best apple watch faces

If you want direct Download use this link it will install over on your device. You can choose the faces using the crown on the Apple Watch. you can actually customize the font then you actually want the images to appear it’s super cool and you can customize it to a completely different level now these are awesome apps, but how do you actually get them on your Apple watch , just open the app on the Apple watch and the apple face will come up. This is basically an apple watch store some will cost you money others are free. Use the free ones to try the best apple watch faces.

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