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New Apple iPhone SE 2 what to expect

New Apple iPhone SE 2 what to expect. iPhone SE – the second generation iPhone SE some rumors some renders additional videos have popped up on the internet and we wanted to share those with you. It seems glass back which what a wireless charging but still retain the headphone jack. this new rumors video which was uploaded to YouTube by Tiger Mobile’s in collaboration with iosleaks on Twitter shows a different render of what allegedly is the second generation iPhone SE II .


New Apple iPhone SE 2 what to expect

New Apple iPhone SE 2 what to expect

  1. the dimensions remain the same , so it’s the same form factor even the same chassis which brings aluminum to the back which means no wireless charging will be capable on this second generation iPhone SE II if this was to be believed
  2. another thing that we noticed from this video here is that we no longer have the home button, no home button means we’re going gesture-based and just like the iPhone x. edge to edge display . will Apple be implementing an OLED display on a budget phone or will they be adding a new LCD technology to accommodate for the knotch that will have to wait in the see. No home button most likely signifies edge to edge display like the iPhone X
  3. another thing that’s worth mentioning here is the no headphone jack on the bottom, this more credible believable video, in my opinion, shows no home button no headphone jack but no wireless charging capabilities because of the aluminum chassis.

If Apple make this as iPhone SE, it will come without home button means it has to be Face ID. If they make iPhone SE with Face Id then it won’t be the budget iPhone. So all this confirms Apple will keep the design same , Home Button (may be 2nd Generation), specs of iPhone 7 but same form factor of original iPhone SE.


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